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dr-vivek-kumarDr. Vivek Kumar is a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon working and aiding committedly as a senior consultant in the arena of cosmetic surgery at SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL, New Delhi, India. He hols specialism in plastic surgery and is also armed with a diplomat National Board (Plastic Surgery), National Board of Examinations, India. Dr. Kumar went to Brazil for attaining the specialized cosmetic surgery training and also to enrich the surgical skills in cosmetic surgery with Instituto Ivo Pitanguy, Rio de Janeirio in Brazil. Dr. Kumar is well-experienced with contemporary techniques that can be used to deliver incredible cosmetic and plastic surgery outcomes.

About Clinic

SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, New Delhi is an impeccable platform offering the supreme fillers treatment in Delhi, India. With the clinic’s catholic fillers treatments, you can feel unperturbed regarding the reliability and safety as the experts at our clinic work with result-oriented methodology. At the clinic, we take pride in offering a wide gamut of services such as fillers for lips, lips and cheeks, dark circles, wrinkles, droopy eyelids, hollow temples, hollow eyes, hollow cheeks, earlobes, marionette lines, thin lips, thin face, sagging cheeks, sagging eyelids, forehead wrinkles, sagging jowls, lipstick lines, wrinkles fillers treatment, dermal fillers treatment, collagen wrinkle fillers treatment, fillers for nasolabial folds, cheeks, jawline, glabellar lines, gummy smile, laugh lines, puffy eyes, etc.

Fillers Treatments in Delhi, India

Looking young and feeling young is the one yearning that every individual experiences in their lifetime. One can’t help but surrender to the effects of ageing where wrinkles are the inescapable companion of one and all. Now that science and technology has made colossal advances, there are solutions to augment your beauty like never before. One such marvel that science has bestowed upon us is the treatment of dermal fillers. There are a number of diverse types of injections which you can go for at our clinic, including Perlane and Juvederm Ultra XC.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable components used to plump up skin, fatten up lines and crinkles, help repair hollow scars and enliven the face. They are usually used to fluff up the lips and remove deep crumples that run from the nose to the bends of the mouth and also the pleats between the eyebrows. This treatment is menace-free, takes less time and is painless.

Why consider fillers treatment?

Nobody can repudiate the fact that aging is a natural course in which cells start to renovate themselves more leisurely. For your skin, this means less collagen and hyaluronic acid to support and even out the layers of skin. Environmental impacts, pollution, sun contact, tension and smoking can all upsurge this effect. The injectable ingredients known as fillers are frequently called collagen injections and symbolize constituents that can help fill the lines and openings, provisionally refurbishing the smooth, younger looking side of the face. When vaccinated underneath the skin, these fillers can mend wrinkles, irrespective of their site on the patient's face. Instantaneously after treatment, you will experience a slight uneasiness, stinging or swelling in the inoculated region. Infrequent bruising or swelling may also befall but these are typically negligible. Finally, any redness in the region injected typically fades within 24 hours.

Benefits of fillers treatment
    Some exciting benefits of dermal fillers that you can reap by undergoing it at SCULPT Clinic in South Delhi are:

  • Cost:

    Filler treatment in Delhi is less costly than other approaches that are used to attain similar outcomes. They can last for numerous months.

  • Non-invasive:

    Receiving them is an outpatient process that takes as little as a couple of minutes to complete. There is no prerequisite for excruciating incisions or to be put under local or general anesthesia as you would need for a similar surgical process.

  • Pain-free:

    Recovery involves some swelling and possible numbness, but you can normally return to work the following day after getting the injections. The entire treatment is comparatively painless in contrast to the surgery options.

  • Reverses signs of aging without facelift:

    Injections accomplish a plumping effect that fills out hollow looking zones, providing a more youthful appearance and flattening wrinkles, without the requirement for a costly facelift.

The procedure

Having fillers injections can be a very gratifying experience. These products are suitable for vaccinating in practically any area of the face where there are fine/deep lines or crinkles, i.e. the forehead, creases near the eyes, areas around the nose and the bends of the mouth. Injections can aid to temporarily smooth over these fine lines and crinkles and will leave your skin looking in good health. Fillers treatment also lessen the influence of further facial movement, which is one of the primary causes of frown lines and other lines that routinely appear on the face as we mature in age. Although, the effects are temporary, they offer some of the eternal skin smoothing impacts in the word of beauty and these treatments can be undertaken more than once. In addition to assisting to even out deep lines and crinkles, these are appropriate to use as lip augmentation injections, which can help you to get fuller, more seductive-looking lips that are less susceptible to lipstick smearing.

If you are disappointed seeing the skin on your face making you look matured, then you can go in for the impressive treatment of fillers in Delhi to even out your skin and make it look jovial. The protein used in the fillers vaccination helps muscles to tighten up and makes skin look graceful and wrinkle-free. Visit the clinic today for seeking proficient assistance on fillers treatment!




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